Book 1: The Candidate

Release Date:9/8/2013

Book Cover

Driven on by a need to locate and secure his wife and children, Alex Martell finds himself thoroughly unprepared as he becomes swept up in global conspiracies and the agendas of competing world powers. Selected and known as the Candidate, he is thrust back in time to the dawn of Western civilization in order to bear witness to a list of historical events. With time working against him as the Intersection Point closes in and determined to salvage his cherished, simple, safe, and sheltered family life, he must weave through history unnoticed and avoid losing himself in the process.

Contains some graphic images


Book 2: TBD

Release Date: (TBA)

Currently in development.


Book 3: TDB

Release Date: (TBA)


Book 4:TBD

Release Date: (TBA)


Book 5: TBD

Release Date: (TBA)